With the VIS system, smile again!

The VIS system is not invasive!
It distinguishes itself from its competitors in order to be completely customized, painless, reversible and quick. It is a system that keeps natural teeth intact (no preparation).

Unlike the classic veneers, VIS are produced with the most advanced CNC technology on zirconium oxide material coated with a ceramic layer. Made to measure (color, shape, transparency), they meet the needs and desires of each patient.

VIS System

  • Painless </ span> </ li>
  • Effective </ span> </ li>
  • Fast </ span> </ li>
  • Reversible </ span> </ li>
  • Custom </ span> </ li>
  • Swiss made – Swiss product </ span> </ li>
  • You do not need to change your eating habits </ span> </ li>
  • It is sufficient to practice excellent dental hygiene and to undergo periodic checks, just like with natural teeth </ span> </ li>
  • Any commercially available toothpaste can be used </ span> </ li>
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  • Toe filing </ span> </ li>
  • Local anesthesia </ span> </ li>
  • Temporary </ span> </ li>
  • Retractor wire </ span> </ li>
  • Probable devitalization </ span> </ li>
  • Irreversibility </ span> </ li>
  • High costs </ span> </ li>
  • Technical preparation of doctors </ span> </ li>

Technologies at your service

For innovative and customized restorations of the anterior teeth.
Thanks to the use of the latest CAD-CAM scanner models we are able to produce a perfect copy of the patient’s dental arches.

Along with a clear understanding of occlusion, the CAD-CAM technique gives our technicians the chance to anticipate the personal aesthetics of the prosthesis that will create micron precision.

For the Dentist

Our laboratory consists of the best and most advanced technologies that the dental sector can offer. Our technicians, of great experience and professionalism, create restorations of superior quality.

For the Patient

The VIS dental veneers are distinguished from competitors by being completely custom made, painless, reversible and with its system keeps natural teeth intact.